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What originally began as a passion for cooking Thai food and honoring family traditions quickly developed into this highly rewarding career. I really enjoy cooking, eating and experimenting with the international foods, especially  from my homeland. I relish in sharing my cooking with family and friends, it gives me immense joy to see them eating the food I have prepared for them; their faces really light up when they savour that first, delicious mouthful. It’s a true labor of love.

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Fresh and simple ingredients, combined to create mouth-watering dishes and the ability to share with family and friends is extremely gratifying.

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Teaching at The Silo


The Silo Cooking School is located in a renovated, circa-1800’s horse barn.  The first recreational cooking school in Connecticut, its charm and ambience have captivated visitors of all ages.  Over the years, the School has hosted some of the best chefs in the business:  Martha Stewart, Jacques Pepin, Rachel Ray and still others who’ve yet to have their own show!  In 2014, The Silo Cooking School was named “Best in CT” by Connecticut Magazine.

The organization looks forward to expanding the school in the coming years, to allow more classroom and teaching space.  It is a goal of the School to be able to offer classes almost every day of the year!

Upcoming Classes:
To appeal to all ages, talent levels and tastebuds (both the adventurous and the cautious), The Silo Cooking School will be exploring many trends and themes this year!

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What My Clients Say




“Suchada prepares Thai food with a true passion! Do not miss out on amazing presentation and yummy Thai cuisine!”


Newtown Public Schools

“Suchada catered a meal for us this evening and did a great job. The food was amazing. My son requested an Indian dish and it was delicious.”


Old Platform 6

“Thrilled to have finally met you and taste your food.  So fresh, colorful and incredibly tasty thai marvels….love it all so much!”


Retail Manager

“Chef Suchada came into my family home for a birthday party and was amazing! We all learned how to make spring rolls and then made them with her! She showed us a couple more recipes while cooking our dinner and was super entertaining! This is definitely happening again! Thank You!”


“Enjoying dinner & dessert cooked by Chef Suchada Palmer What an amazing meal! So nice to be spoiled in your own home 🙃 Thank you for the authentic Thai meal!”


“Thank You Suchada for being our personal chef.  We really learned so much about Thai Cooking.  Class was not only delicious but alot of fun!”

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